Frequently Asked Questions and Checklists

Our experience has shown that planning and preparation are key to a successful remodeling project. Full service from Larsen Builders begins with a fine-tuned coordinated plan. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions as well as some example checklists that we have found to be helpful in the planning process. Larsen Builders will customize a checklist for you based on your project’s scope.

Bathroom Checklist

Drawings Required:

    • Plan view: ¼”or ½”scale
    • Interior/Exterior Elevations: ½” scale
      • Cabinetry dimensions
      • Tile design: plan and elevations/niche, bench, curb sections, dimensions
    • Sections & Details:
        • Flooring pattern direction/borders/dimensions/thresholds and transitions
        • Molding buildups/relation to cabinetry


        • flashing and waterproofing


      • glass doors & enclosures: dimensions/specs/features
    • Electrical/Mechanical:
      • Legend/fixture schedule (type, brand , trim)/equipment location/switching locations/recept. locations(in wall/backsplash) /heat register location
      • Reflected ceiling plan w/dimensional locations


  • Door List: Location/brand/type/material/paint grade or stain grade/size, swing/description
  • Window List: Location/brand/type/size/features/alignment with other architectural elements
  • Finish Schedule: Wall & ceiling surfaces/moldings – type/size/paint grade or stain grade/paint finish/ Floor coverings/type of floor finish
  • Plumbing Fixtures: Brand/finish/features
  • Electrical:
    • Legend:
    • Lighting fixtures: brand and model
    • Switching devices- receptacles/brand/color
    • Dimmers: brand/model/color
    • Bath fans/heaters/remote fans – brand/color/switching and switch locations
  • Counters: Material name/supplier /front edge/sink mounting/backsplash section
  • Glass: specialty glass: specs/ supplier – Enclosures/doors: specs: type/thickness/finish
  • Tile:
    • Supplier/Location/brand/color/electrical box locations/backsplash layout/mortar set or thin set (where)
    • Niche dimensions and sections/decorative features
  • Hardware: Doors and Window – Brand/style/finish
  • Cabinetry:
    • Brand name or custom/material/exterior finish/interior finish/style: Euro or Face Frame
    • Door style – door/drawer mounting: full overlay-flush inset/type of hinge
    • Drawer style/brand of slides and type
    • Features: light rail/crown molding/end panels/spice trays/dividers/tilt-outs/pull-outs

Questionnaire for Architect

  • How much time do you spend looking for appropriate contractors for your projects?
  • Have you ever felt that a contractor is excluding you once a project is underway?
  • Or ignoring your design/details?
  • Have you ever felt that you were the last to know about a site problem?
  • Have you ever felt that going to a site meeting was like going to a showdown?
  • Have you ever felt that a contractor alienated your client during the job process?
  • Have you ever felt that you were training a contractor to do his job?
  • What impact does not working with the right contractor have on you?
  • How do you see me helping you?
  • Is there a budget set aside for this project?
  • Are there other Contractors being considered for this job? Who are they, I might know them?
  • What information will be necessary for your client to choose a contractor?
  • Are there particular concerns that s/he may have about the process? Will s/he be living there during the remodel?
  • Does s/he have any concern about who will be in her house?